Mission Statement

To deliver service that improves, adds value, enhances and makes a significant
difference to our clients' requirements.


To become a leading provider of high quality and innovative professional business
tax services in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Tax Management Services (TMS) started operation in August 2005 as independent tax advisory of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Behind TMS is a team with years of cumulative tax experience. As a team we have walked through the ranks to the level of Assistant Commissioner of Taxes. We pride ourselves in having defined the tax specialist profession and we are the only firm in the country whose total revenue is from tax advisory only. We are very conscious of the importance of quality in all aspects of our work and the need to deliver an outstanding services at all times. We are confident that we can provide a productive and efficient tax review that will be of great value to all stakeholders. In so doing we would be part of your continuing development and success in building a unique long lasting business relationship.


Ability to interpret the Tax Act

The ability to analyse and comprehend both practical and theoretical implications of tax legislation.

Understanding your business to provide a focused approach

Identifying pertinent issues in the business and tailor our approach accordingly, to provide extremely focused, cost effective and efficient tax review.

Business Partnership

Developing a genuine business partnership through excellent communication, proactive reporting and building strong relationships. We are emphatic about capacity building, value for money and performance improvement and bring these qualities to the assignment.

Tendai Mavima

Managing Director

Vongai Makumure

Tax Director

Emmanuel Samuriwo

Tax Director

T.K Manzira

Tax Director

Edward Chataika

Tax Director

Eunity Msipa

Finance and Administration Manager

Violet Mhiribidi

Senior Tax Consultant and Financial Advisor

James Chikodzi

Trainee Tax Consultant

Spiwe Machokoto

Trainee Tax Consultant

Phyllis Mavima

Trainee Tax Consultant and IT